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Posted on January 11 2016

 As the weather gets colder toward the end of fall, but still keeping the fluctuating temperatures in mind, I wanted to create a lighter layered look.

his is the second pieces from the Revolution now collection. This short sleeve button up just so happens to be my favorite piece in the shop and not only that it just so happens to be well designed along with the Blue Jacquard Jacket. The well trusted piece in every man’s wardrobe the good. My love for prints and patterns shall never die away. Not only that but this shirt has such great detailing, that’s what it’s really all about the subtle detailing. Revolution now offers well Knitwear fitting casual clothes for the everyday urban city roaming male. But as for the detailing notice anything in common between the picture of the jacket and the close up of the shirt below. It’s the side opening pocket this detail is a trademark from Revolution Now. Anyone who really appreciates design and detailing, their eyes is always caught by this detail (from personal experiences).

 What’s the first thing you think about when you see this look? I think bud light I looked like a walking, fancy beer bottle. Very nonchalantly in the Revolution Now blue Jacquard Jacket. By looking at the texture of the jacket, you would know its knits combination because it’s slowly starting to ball up. Judging by the hem and the style it was knit, it is vintage and crafted with the finest wool.

It’s not hard at all to pull off a bright Jacket. But it takes a while to really find the right one to throw one that compliments your body structure. Fit is everything never forget that, you can have on an amazing outfit but if the fit is off you better find a way to make it right. The secret to having hues pop is… well there really is no secret. It’s really all logic, pair your pop color with a neutral color or shade, and try to avoid heavy shades such as black. Black would drain the life from the hue that you desire to bring pop to, in my opinion. But try a navy, beige, or if you’re into shades work with a grey or charcoal.

You all know I’m a big fan of bright colors, I’m always in an adventure of trying new standards, but the clothing has to be unique and this is why I stand behind this collection.

More than playful, this is a believable collection.


 If you’re living in the New York area and looking to pick yourself up a pair Revolution now has you covered. They are also available online.

Thank you Revolution Now for this amazing experience!

[Photography] Pictures taken by photographer Florian Schmitt of