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Stevenonoja - Revolution Now Spring

Posted on March 15 2016

Revolution Now: My inspiration has been lost in a rotation of classic and craves for texture blends. I’m still working on my personal style development but I’ve loved the idea of collaborating current and traditional pieces together dark brown, White and light brown for today’s post. Paired off with a decent Knit suit from Revolution Now with Riudavets Sandals, you can purchase here in New York. A simple outlook for decent weather, a clean hat could have been thrown over it to complete a summer aesthetic. Color choices also make a difference and how much you accessorize. Simplicity was my ideal outlook.


However, In the future that is my now, i like to be reminded of what once was still is. Whether it’s the leather folio that was my great uncle’s or my father’s leather belt that for all of its flaws and near tears still rests perfectly around my waist – I like the heritage that come before me to live with me every day.


So, in the interest of marrying the essence of the past with an element of the contemporary, I chose to sort of morph my body with that of a clothes form. This self-portrait symbolizes my new beginning in my studies. I am becoming more knowledgeable with many aspects of the fashion industry; It is as if i am becoming one with the industry. Kind of I wrote different things that are constantly on my mind to make up the kinks in my hair. REVOLUTION NOW offers a product line that is current while never losing sight of comfort, confidence, and an individual sense of style.


On the final note I think everybody’s got a presentation. Everybody looks a certain way because they want to convey a certain image. You look a certain way because you want people to listen to you in a certain way. The attention to details is the main focus, so bring a pen, take notes and leave a comment. have a stylish week guys.


Photography: Naj Wareham
Location: Coney Island