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Posted on January 11 2016

Thanks to Alexis Weinerman, at On Point Media Group, I was graciously invited to the new store opening of the luxury men’s clothing company, Revolution Now. 162 Allen St. in the LES of Manhattan was wreaking of style. After reviewing the luscious chunks of 100% cotton in bold colors, and meeting the creator of the brand-I was inspired. His whole heart and vision went into his brand. From the cuts and patterns in the fabric to the meticulous colors that were so carefully chosen. This brand was his creativity brought to life. This was a man who believed in his ideas, and had the marbles to see it through.

Once you start expressing who you are and not allowing any outside
forces, or how others see you, affect who you are-there is
no room for bullshit in your life. The bull that comes along with a
friendship that only brings you negativity, a job that doesn’t
fit your strengths in which  you have no desire to roll out of bed for in
the morning, and even romantic relationships where your partner doesn’t support your true authentic self.

Once you know what it’s like to live in a state of awareness and
consciousness, you can’t imagine how you lived any other way. Once you become aware, you never go back! It’s those moments where you look back and say holy hell what was I thinking? The truth is, you weren’t. You weren’t present. Maybe it’ll take a group full of meditating chicks in the middle of Manhattan to wake you up, or it becomes intolerable to live the life you’ve created for yourself-whatever that wake up call is, identify it. Your twenties is a time to stop living the life you think you should live, and live the life of YOUR dreams, and what truly excites you to the core. If staying home on a Friday night for arts and crafts, killing a good book, or mapping out the ideas for your next work project excite you- DO IT! Ignore the mass crew who’s blown up your phone for a night of nothingness and go with your gut. Make sure you surround yourself with like-minded people. It’s during this time we are faced with decisions that affect you for the rest of your life, and there is no better time to be more in touch with what feels right-than NOW.

Start your own individual revolution!

And in the meantime, stop by or shop online for the beau in your life.

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REVOLUTION NOW レヴォリューションナウ パターンカーディガン

Posted on January 11 2016

REVOLUTION NOW レヴォリューションナウ パターンカーディガン


REVOLUTION NOWより、パターンカーディガンのご紹介です。





MATERIAL : コットン100%

サイズ詳細  : Sサイズ / 着丈:63cm 身幅:45cm 肩幅:38cm 袖丈:62cm
          Mサイズ / 着丈:65cm 身幅:48cm 肩幅:41cm 袖丈:63cm 

       モデル : 身長170cm 体重62kg 着用サイズS


【REVOLUTION NOW】NEW YORK発の新鋭ニットブランド コットンニットジャケット新入荷アップしました。 【REVOLUTION NOW】

Posted on January 11 2016

【REVOLUTION NOW】NEW YORK発の新鋭ニットブランド コットンニットジャケット新入荷アップしました。


Revolution Now - GILT JAPAN

Posted on December 22 2015


Revolution Now

Posted on December 22 2015