Gingham Jacquard Knit Blazer



Fall Winter Blazer Collection

Constructive Knit Notch Collar Blazer

Elevate your style with our Gingham Jacquard Knit Blazer. Constructed with a high twist 100% cotton, this blazer offers a modern and urban slim fit. The engineered sweater knit with multi-color gingham checkerboard pattern adds a touch of sophistication, while the contrast solid jacquard on the back of the sleeves adds a unique touch. Featuring our signature logo buttons and 2 way straight and side pockets, this blazer is both stylish and functional.

- Engineered Sweater Knit Jacquard Multi Color Gingham Checkerboard Pattern

- Contrast Solid Jacquard on Back of Sleeves

- Urban Slim Fit 

- Signature 2 Way Straight and Side Pockets

- Logo Buttons

- 100% Cotton High Twist Super Dry


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