As a beacon of hope in uncertain times, fashion symbolizes resilience and creativity, advocating for a more conscious, inclusive world. It encourages questioning and dreaming, representing a profound awakening amidst chaos. 

Gingham Jacquard Blazer

Crafted from 100% high twist cotton, this urban slit fit blazer features a unique multi-color Gingham pattern and solid color on back of sleeves. Designed with innovative two-way front pockets with functionality, it's a modern twist on classic style. Perfect for eco-conscious, stylist man, it seamlessly blends sophistication with sustainality.

Press Release

Relaunch 2024

Revolution Now, a pioneer in New York's menswear scene, is proud to announce its highly anticipated relaunch. Redefining the classic sweater into a modern fashion staple, the brand emerges as a beacon of hope and creativity in these uncertain times. Advocating for a more conscious and inclusive approach to fashion, We encourages its audience to engage in questioning and dreaming. This relaunch is not just a revival of style but a profound awakening and a call to action amidst prevailing chaos. Revolution Now transcends traditional fashion boundaries, embodying a movement that challenges and inspires.

Pure London Trade Show

Revolution Now, a leading innovator in sweater fashion, is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming Pure London Fashion Trade Show, set to take place from 11th to 13th February 2024 at Olympia London. Revolution Now will be located in Hall: Grand Gallery Stand: J5, where they will exhibit their latest collections and innovations in ethical fashion. We are thrilled to participate in Pure London and showcase our passion for sweater fashion,Our aim is to demonstrate that sweaters can be both stylish and ethical, and we look forward to connecting with individuals who share our vision

Love me love my dog

Revolution Now's sweater collection is the epitome of style, comfort, and conscience. Our Paws designs, in particular, are a delightful fusion of warmth and whimsy. Crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail, these sweaters feature adorable paw prints, making a fashion statement with a purpose. Beyond their charming aesthetics, our Paws sweaters are responsibly made, using sustainable materials and ethical production methods. When you wear Revolution Now, you not only embrace fashion but also support a commitment to a greener future. Experience the perfect blend of fashion and sustainability with our Paws sweater collection – where style meets compassion.