Introducing the Revolution Now Team – a fusion of time-honored skill and contemporary design excellence. Our journey begins with our esteemed associate partner, a beacon of sweater manufacturing with over 80 years of experience, headquarter situated in Hong Kong and 100% owned factory situated in southern part of China. Here, our adept craftsman technicians meticulously transform yarn into fashion, overseeing the metamorphosis from initial development to the final product. The creative pulse of our operation is our designer, the owner and creative director based in the vibrant heart of New York City. This visionary leader partners seamlessly with our associated manufacturer, ensuring a cohesive and integrated process. Together, we are a vertical operation that takes pride in bringing designs to life with efficiency and artistry. Revolution Now is where the threads of tradition and innovation are interwoven to create more than just sweaters – we create statements. Join us as we knit the future of fashion, stitch by stylish stitch.